One Door Closes….

February 1, 2010

…and another one opens.

I am happy to announce…I closed my retail shop on Phillips Ave!  Why am I “happy” you ask???   I am free!!! I have my time and life back.  Don’t get me wrong it sounds like the last 5 years were just dreadful….not true.   I have really enjoyed my ride and have learned so much in the past 5 years about life and running a business.  I opened my business with the intent of supporting other artists and I am now walking away nurturing my own inner artist.  I  have found that I love being creative so much  I just want to focus my time and energy on that and not be pulled in a million different directions “running” a business. : )

My creations will be available at some of your favorite local shops and online.   I am working on a “baby” and “for you”  Spring line.    I am so excited I can’t stand it!!

Ok, I gotta jet….these hands need to get creating!! – website you will link you to my online shop and my blog ( oh dear blog, I promise I won’t neglect you any longer)


Sweat Equity…

November 2, 2009

…what is it really worth?

New Adventure, New Chapter..

September 4, 2009

Archival Elements has been my baby for the past 5 yrs.  I want to thank Archival Elements for all that is has taught me.  I have learned what hard work really is about…I have learned patience and more importantly  I have reconnect with my creative side.  Originally I opened Archival Elements for the love of art and to support local artists….but through this adventure I discovered my true inner creativity.  So as one chapter ends it is time to write a new chapter. Thus….Baby Elements!!!

Baby Elements will open mid-Sept.  Baby Elements is a baby accessories & necessities boutique.   We will carry all handmade products, most of them will be one of a kind.  Here is a sneak peek!

baby logan sling


Identity Crisis

July 24, 2009

Well…when the going gets tough… my true entrepreneurial spirit kicks in.  Times are tough in the original art biz so A.e. is bringing in some new products that we are super excited about.

What u ask?  BABY STUFF!!!!

I bet you are also wondering if the new products will have the same unique one-of-a-kind touch that our other creations do?

Yes of Course!!!

Here is a little sneak peak…..



Burp cloth & Bib: $34.00


Bird Moblie: $65.00

Wrist-Wear & Hair-Wear

April 28, 2009


Hair Posie: $8.00 & Wrist Wear: $34.00 ea.




Custom Posies for the Bride and her Gals.

(custom posies: inquiry @ Archival Elements)

100% Handmade

Bring It…Road Work!

March 20, 2009

We decided to create a window display that poked fun at the road construction that is happening right outside our door.  This “FIERCE” dress was constructed from caution tape ( look out Christian Siriano).  I have had several fathers that wanted to buy the dress for their daughter’s high school prom. Could you imagine!!???

During this time we will be open regular business hours.




Spring is in the h-AIR!

March 18, 2009


flower posie: $4.00


jersey knit scarf: $22.00


flower posie: $5.00

Well…how do you like the new digs for Spring?  These items are available at Archival Elements or online at Ragged Dog Shop.

(models: Christy, Mindy & Kari) launched!!!!

February 27, 2009


Welcome to Ragged Dog, a playground for artist Stacie Fletcher.

Combining found objects and textiles both vintage and new, Stacie uses a free-stitch motion on aregular old sewing machine to create one-of-a-kind pieces layered with distinctive textures and singular meanings.

She has no rhyme or reason when beginning a new piece ~ she simply allows the rhythm of her irregular and excessive stitches to carry her to a work of beautiful imperfection. A work that is wearable. Enjoyable. Functional. Art.

Ragged Dog Shop

Move over Raggedy Ann

February 15, 2009

These ragdolls are my mod spin on an old classic.

I hand embroidered all the faces, I also use recycled vintage fabrics for their clothes.  Each doll is unique.  Plus they all have cool dos, who doesn’t like a side pony?




All dolls are available at A.e. and will be listed on my soon-to-be-announced online shop.

Mitts for Lovebirds

January 30, 2009


Take a romantic hand-in-hand stroll with your sweetheart while keeping your hands warm and cozy!!!

(a set of “Strollers” come with two regular mittens plus a third over sized one for a couple to share between them.

Strollers are handmade: $25.00)